The Art of

Rico Holmes

Hi ! and welcome to "the Art of" 

 - a wonderfully pretentious name for my various artworks, scribbles, doodles and sculpture.

Welcome indeed!

    A new site, a fresh start and a good time to be re-invigorated.  My old site was all built on top of wordpress and become a horrid mess. When things get a mess it becomes tedious to maintain them of course, and that's far from what I wanted.   As much as Facebook and twiter etc are brilliant for certain things, I've always enjoyed the personal touch of a place on the web I can maintain myself.  The mail I get through the site is always a joy, and always keeps me inspired to share more :) 

While I've decided to whittle the main gallery pages to mostly published artwork, there will be more of the old archived material, tutorials, downloads etc coming in the very near future.  For now, please bear with me as I bring a lot of the original content online. 

July 2018:  There's been a distinct lack of paintings and renderings for the last half year I'm afraid, mainly because I've been pursuing some side projects which have turned out to be surprisingly popular.  Creative tool extensions for Adobe Photoshop !    I've kept it all separate from my main page until now, but hey.. why not?  It's added as a link now :)