Nordic Forest

Nordic Forest

 An attempt to create a subtle and calming background image. I love forest walks here in Sweden and tried just to capture the spirit a little.

It's a bit of an odd image in the composition doesn't have an instant "read". It's remarkably bland in that respect, but it's designed to be both subtle and to let the eye explore.

On mobile:   long press   and hold on the image. It will give you the option to open in a new tab, or save image.  Save the image to your phone and then you can zoom to your heart's content to see the detail/set wallpaper etc.

Why a bland image with a boring composition?  Well I have to confess it was for my wallpaper.  Have you ever seen a fabulous image anf thought "ooh, that's my new wallpaper!" Only to find it's uncomfortably busy, or "in your face" while looking for icons etc.

 Try it !  It actually works rather well on an abdroid phone with its scrolly wallpaper feature.  If you do - I'd reccomend setting it far left or far right to start with. That gives it variation.