Princes Pet

Princes Pet

And it’s been SO long since any posting again. But here we see why.. I’ve been a tad busy with diapers, an average of 4hrs a night sleep etc. Absolutely worth it though, and as a tribute here’s a wee painting I’ve been doddling up while on the road (oh I love my new Wacom Companion!)

It’s my three loves, or “Princes Pet” as I call it. I had a reference photo that my wife and son posed for (to differing degrees of unwilling!) which I was using on my iphone as reference while painting on the tablet. A fun trick of juggling on the train. It’s been a while since I was painting last, but I’m hoping to get up to speed again now.

Admittedly not the best painting in the world (a bad artist blames his tools ;) but this one of course will always hold a place in my heart and deserves to be in the gallery.  My cherub son has grown into a fine toddler at the time of writing this - a couple of years after the first posting.    He's such an inspirational treasure that I really hope to have him as the subject of a few more paintings through the years. I love the though of that more than all the millions of photos we take.

        Recently I did do another study of him.  There I was, painting what I thought to be the fine image of a laughing young boy, gloriously beaming as only toddlers can.  Unfortunately I was slightly biased through my daddy eyes ond only realised later I'd painted something more akin to a laughing version of the dictator Kim il Jung.   That went in the trash instantly!

       Again though, the subject of the painting is dear to my heart, and while it doesn't really fit in with the rest of the theme in this gallery I really wanted to have my loves right up here at the front.

     My greatest pride and joy :)