The Bridge Inn

The Bridge Inn

The Bridge Inn is somewhere I’d love to explore. It’s outside the West Gate of the town of Penaggon; A pub where Pirates and Wizards can drink in peace -safe in the knowledge that the city guard are close (but not too close for comfort..)

 They also serve Newcastle Brown Ale! 

Because I do mostly 3D imagery, I decided to try my hand at painting again (cut and pasted from 2003). This image was painted directly in photoshop, entirely from mind ( though I must confess, mostly as a ” doodle” .The perspective may be all wrong, but at least there’s not a straight line to be seen.)

There's something about the Bridge inn that frustrates me.   Possibly that -because of the time that it was painted- it was too low resolution for modern screens. I've since scribbled over it here and there to sharpen up areas that need it, but it's oddly like restoration work. I don't want to take away from the original too much.   

  Why? and why not just repaint it ?    

  Well, there's an odd thing that happens when painting.  Not so much with modelling and rendering, probably because painting engages different parts of the brain.  The "thing" is memory of the moment.  It gets embedded at the time of painting in a way that I can't say I've experienced elsewhere.  Like smells for most people, an artwork that an artist has drawn or painted brings back that mental snapshot with such clarity.. even decades later.    To paint over and eradicate even parts of the original would in a way be to sully the memories of a particularly happy time.  

Another good reason why I'd like to visit this inn for real.       Or is that the ale calling ? .. :)