Creative Tools

by Rico Holmes

Welcome to my Creative Tools ! - Addons and presets for Adobe products.

        Designed with digital painters in mind, these tools aim to give traditional and concept artists access to workflow environments they're used to in other packages. Photoshop is often seen as being focused on photo manipulators, but it's also the main program for digital painters and needs some love there too I think.
       Have a browse through and hopefully you'll find something that you like. :)

        -Rico Holmes    

Color Nudger

a tiny little widget ;)


Hover Color Picker

When you're painting and you just want a color picker, not a spaceship control panel, have you ever wished there was one that was elegantly ARTIST-orientated? One that didn't require multiple clicks just to leave the panel that you obviously already chose ?. One that then gets the hell out of your face ? RH Hover Color Picker!


Dynamic Palette

   A clean, modern Color Blocking panel for Adobe Photoshop CC
    Dynamic Palette is aimed squarely at Professional Colorists. With the input of many outstanding comic book Colorists from around the world, this extension facilitates custom ranges of user defined palettes with LightGel and Gradient features included.



       All marked current extensions are fully compatible with Adobe Photoshop CC 2017 and above, utilizing and leveraging the very latest API.

All Extensions and tools are fully compatible with both Windows and Mac Platforms

For any issues please feel free to visit the FAQ before emailing.