RH Color NudgerFor Photoshop CC

 A fast, light, modern, discreet color picker for Adobe Photoshop CC

Have you ever been painting in Photoshop and wished there was a clean, modern color interface that didn't look like an aircraft control panel? One that presents both sliders and a color widget prominently, cleanly and then gets right out of the way when you want the screen space back?

Meet RH Hover Color Picker!

Why "Hover" ?   Well, because we don't always want our digital canvas obscured by interface panels. This Color Picker happily hides itself away from you while your painting- and only pops back to full sized when you Hover over it's minimized version.

No CPU Overheads

While painting, the color picker takes no CPU from Photoshop whether full sized or miniļ¬ed. It only comes to life when you're changing colors, and it does that spectacularly.

The Top Widget

   The top widget is designed to let you choose hue and vibrance of your color almost at a glance. Brightness value can be controlled either by the slider below, or nudged by the widget centre halves.

The Sliders

The sliders at the bottom are self-explanatory, and can be toggles between Hue Saturation Brightness, Reg Green Blue, or all.  Just click the middle left button to toggle.

Always There

If you prefer to keep the whole palette on screen without it minimizing itself automatically, you can toggle the lock button on the middle left:


All Extensions and tools are fully compatible with both Windows and Mac Platforms

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